måndag 22 september 2014

Birthday Away From Home

In three days I will celebrate my first birthday away from home. It will be my 19th,  my last birthday in my 10s. Next time, I'll celebrate my second decade. Oh dear, since when did I get so old? In my mind, I'm still that fifteen years old girl strutting around in High School.

My birthday will be, according to me, perfectly celebrated. For dinner I and my flatmates are going to order a huuuuuge plate of sushi (be prepared Cailin's Sushi!) and then later on in the evening we're all going to an ice cream parlour, Nardini's, which should be one of the best (if not the best) in Scotland! We'll see about that.

On my birthday last year, everyone had to to their own cake from a huge variety of ingredients. The sponge cake was pre-made (by me), but the composition of the fillings and toppings the guests had to do themselves.

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