onsdag 29 oktober 2014

Halloween Questions

1.) Mood: Excited.
2.) When was the last time you carved a pumpkin? Actually, I've never done it!
3.) What is your favourite Halloween candy? Jelly beans! They're just delicious.
4.) What is your favourite Halloween memory? Might be the year I and my friend Johanna dressed up as a Malfoy and Harry Potter and had the most amazing dinner at her place. It was a lot of snow that Halloween and very cosy. 
5.) Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Mostly I don't, but being home alone sometimes makes you wonder...
6.) Were you allowed to dress up at school for Halloween as a kid? I think we were allowed, but we never did, what I can remember.
7.) Did you trick-or-treat as a kid? At what age did you stop? I didn't. Mostly because me myself thought it was an annoying tradition so I didn't want to participate in that.
8.) What is your favourite Halloween movie? Hm.... I like Interview with a Vampire!
9.) Did you dress up for Halloween this year? If so, as what? I will! Don't want to spoil you, so I'm keeping it a secret until it's over :)
10.) Weekly goals: Go to the school Halloween party tomorrow and go to another Halloween party on Friday. 

From Halloween 2012.

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