onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Extract from one of my essays

Part of a casual essay, called "Scotland Versus Sweden", in which I discuss the culture differences I've seen so far. 

When the lady behind the cashier in M&S says ”Hello darling” and politely asks ”How are you today?”, later finishing the conversation with ”have a nice weekend, dear”, is something that I probably never will get used to. While walking in the street you will hear “sorry” at least a dozen times before you arrive at your destination, and you will say “sorry” the same amount of times. Even though you do not even touch the other people, they keep excusing themselves and you have to do the same to not appear rude.

In Sweden, we do not really do formalities. Everyone is addressed by their first name – that including doctors, professors, teachers, elders and everyone in between.  Luckily, I have not yet been put in a situation where I was expected to address someone by their title and family name, at least I hope I have not. It just is not in my world and does not come to me naturally. Mrs, Ms, Miss and Mr seem like taken from another time, and not the 21th century. 

To be continued! :D

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